«Shadow Boxing with Resistance Bands»

► The classic exercise “Shadow Boxing” is known to fighters of various martial arts: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and others. The video shows a more complex version of this exercise using a resistance bands. This gives an additional burden in the conduct of “Shadow Boxing” and very well-coached speed punches and shock endurance.

You can use all the punches, striking them slowly or quickly. Try to move and change the stance, defend and attack. The resistance bands give extra capacity during the workout “Shadow Boxing”. Exercise well develops strength, speed and accuracy of punches, as well as endurance.

The author of the lesson «Shadow Boxing with Resistance Bands» – ALEX LEE, Master of Martial Arts and head of the project «Revolutionary Sport Technology» – http://RevolutionarySportTechnology.Com

This video on YouTube – https://youtu.be/7Ppn6hywLHw

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