«Self-training of defense from punches»

► Body slopes sideways and dives down – effective options for defense from punches. They are widely used in Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, MMA and other types of contact martial arts, as well as in street fights. The slopes and the dives are perfect for defense from direct punches. Dives are useful to get away from side punches.

To learn how to protect yourself from punches, you need to regularly practice such defenses. It is better to train with a partner and work out protection from his punches. The partner slowly strikes with his hand. You are practicing protection against it. You can gradually increase the speed of punches, as well as add moves and deceptive actions. Over time, you need to try to work out defenses in training sparring sessions.

But what if there is no partner? How to effectively work out protection from hand strikes on your own, without the help of a partner? To do this, you need to make a special projectile from the materials at hand, which simulates the outstretched “hand” of the opponent. It is advisable to put a glove on it or make a kind of fist out of a wound towel or something else.

Position and secure this projectile at face level. And start practicing protection from punches. Make inclines so that the blow with your hand goes sideways, over your shoulder. Make dives so that the punch over the top of your head.

This projectile is extremely effective for self-training defenses against punches with the help of slopes and body dives. It can also be used for counter attacks and post-defense attacks. Be sure to make such a projectile and use it for training at home or in the gym.

When practicing protection from a punches, observe these important points:
  • Always keep your hands near your jaw to strengthen your defense and protect yourself from possible punches with the other hand.
  • Always keep your opponent in the field of view to have time to react to his next attacking actions.
  • Make inclines and dives as short as possible. All your movements should be as short as possible. The blow with the hand should pass by, but very close to You.
  • Practice all defenses in the fighting stance.
  • When practicing, move around and simulate a real fight.
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I wish you successful training and excellent protection from punches!

Sincerely, Alex Lee – master of martial arts and author
of training lessons on martial arts, stretching and sports.