«How to correctly clench your fist during a punch»

► Even experienced fighters often injure their hands with punches. Especially in street fights. For novice fighters, this problem is doubly relevant. This is often due to the fact that fighters do not properly clench their fist when striking with their hand and do not strengthen the impact surfaces of their hands.

Let’s look at how to properly clench your fist when hitting with your hand to strengthen its impact surface and strengthen the impact with your hand.

Instinctively and in everyday life, we clench our fist, starting with the little finger. In this case, it turns out not quite smooth, but rather a crooked fist. This leads to injuries to the hands and threatens to lose a fight, especially on the street.


Now I will show you how to properly clench your fist at the moment of striking with your hand. I begin to clench my fist not from my little finger, but from my index finger. In this case, you get an even fist, which does not injure the fingers and the impact surfaces of the hand. If you want a powerful hand punch without injury, I recommend clenching your fist this way.


I also recommend that you clench your fist as hard as possible for a few seconds from time to time in your daily life. Do this starting with your index finger. This is a simple but very good exercise. It allows you to develop the skill of correctly squeezing your fingers and strengthening your fist to deliver a strong blow with your hand, without injury.

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I wish you success in training and good luck in the fight!

Sincerely, Alex Lee – master of martial arts and author
of training lessons on martial arts, stretching and sports.